Air Duct Cleaning Methods

Advancements in air duct cleaning have improved the quality and safety of the air duct cleaning process.  Before you  decide to have your home’s air ducts cleaned, consider the following information on the different air duct cleaning methods:

Source Removal
The most recommended air duct cleaning method is source removal, which is the mechanical cleaning of system components to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

  This method requires two key elements:

  • Mechanical Agitation: loosens the debris from the walls of the air ducts and HVAC components.
  • Extraction: safely removes the debris from the HVAC system to acceptable.

Steam Air Duct Cleaning

This method utilizes a wand that delivers a high temperature and high-pressure steam to agitate the debris from the walls of the air ducts. No moisture is used because it will damage the electronic HVAC components.

Truck-Mounted Vacuum Cleaning

Truck-mounted vacuum methods use a vacuum that is powered through a shaft in the operating vehicle.  The technology is based on the volume of air being drawn.  The vacuum hose is attached from the truck to the trunk lines of the ventilation system, and either rotary brushes or air lines are inserted into air vent registers to agitate debris to a point of collection.

Point of Contact Air Duct Cleaning

These are the safest and most effective methods.  A point-of-contact air duct cleaning method uses a portable HEPA-filtered vacuum and an agitation device to clean the air ducts.  Portable HEPA vacuum cleaning technology allows for a greater lift of the debris, and the HEPA filter prevents the potential of cross-contamination.

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