Signs Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned

Do Your Air Ducts Show These Signs of Needing Cleaning?


Your air ducts and vents can get really filthy after a while. How bad can you let it get before you have to clean them? You should keep an eye out for a few common signs that show you it’s time for duct cleaning.

Common Signs You Should Get Air Ducts Cleaned

If you have these problems, then contact Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning ASAP:

  • There’s a lot of dust and debris clogged inside your vents or air ducts.
  • Your air filters become filthy much quicker than usual.
  • You notice foul smells emanating from your vents when you get to close them.
  • Mold and mildew accumulate inside or around your HVAC system.
  • The airflow throughout your home deteriorates or becomes inconsistent.
  • You find rodents, insects, or other pests nesting in your air ducts.
  • It seems like you have to dust or vacuum your furniture floors much more often.
  • You suffer from higher energy bills because of inefficient heating or air-conditioning.
  • You also detect lots of unusual noises coming from your ductwork, which could be from strained HVAC components, brought about by interference from dirt or debris.
  • You’ve never gotten residential air duct cleaning the entire time you’ve owned your home.
  • There’s been some major renovation or remodeling recently. If you’ve had walls or floors replaced, then it might have shaken up a lot of dust and foreign material in the process. You should make duct cleaning a part of the remodeling cleanup stage.

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning – Duct Cleaning in Sarasota, Pinellas, & Tampa

Don’t wait until you have huge patches of toxic mold growing around your vents to do something about the problem. Call the pros at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. We provide cleaning services for residential and commercial customers anywhere in Sarasota, Bradenton, Pinellas, and Tampa.

Why should you bother with air duct cleaning? Because it’s one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of contaminants throughout your home and finally eliminate that musty smell from your vents. It can even help prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan.

If you’re ready to regain better air quality, then Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning can help. We train all of our technicians to clean promptly and thoroughly, and they arrive on time for the job. You can learn more about our services by contacting us anytime for a free service quote.

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