How Can Clean Air Ducts Help Me With My Allergies?

clean air ducts

If you suffer from allergies, you know how miserable it can be. The runny nose, the headaches, the sneezing, it can all be so bothersome. You know, as an allergy sufferer, that some times of year are worse than others. When the pollen starts floating through the air, it can be dreadful.

What about when you’re inside your own home? Are there allergens in your home that could be contributing to your allergy symptoms? 

It’s one thing to have to suffer when outside, but not in your own home. Did you know that having clean air ducts can help some of those allergies dissipate?

Read on to learn about the benefits of clean air ducts in your home.

Kinds of Contaminants Are In Your Ducts

You likely know what is causing your allergies outside. Are you wondering what’s hiding in your ducts that could be contributing to your allergies inside your house?

The air inside your home circulates through home, the HVAC system, and the same ductwork that moves your air conditioning and heat through your home. So what’s hiding in your ductwork?

  • Dust mites, those particles of dust that settle on the surfaces in your home
  • Pollen which comes into your home with you from outside 
  • Pet dander from your furry friends, who you love but also leave behind their hair and dander through your house
  • Smog which can seep into your house despite closed windows
  • Mold and mildew that forms naturally from moisture in the air and in the ducts
  • Bacteria and virus which might be on you and then become part of the air in your home

Once these contaminants work their way into your home, they also end up in their ducts.

Ductwork and Allergies

Now that you know what’s hiding in your ductwork, you can see how when they are dirty you will be impacted. Many of the same allergens that bother you from outside are also in your ductwork inside your home.

Then each time your air conditioning or heat kicks on and starts blowing air through your ducts, those allergens are getting stirred up and sent through the air inside your house.

Benefits of Ductwork Cleaning

It’s not hard to figure out how getting ducts cleaned can help improve the air quality in your home. Here are some of the benefits of getting your ductwork cleaned. 

Improves Air Quality

When the ducts get cleaned, the allergens and contaminants get removed. Then they can’t continue to get blown into the air in your home.

Odor Removal

When you have mold, mildew, or animal droppings in the ductworks, those smells can get pushed into your air. Clean ducts means no more bad smells from your ducts. 

Dust Removal

The dust hiding in your ducts is a key contributor to your allergy symptoms. When the ductwork gets cleaned, you remove all those dust mites.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

The job of your HVAC unit is to push warm and cool air into your house. Any dust, debris or particles sitting in your ductwork prevent that air from moving as well. 

Get the Benefit of Clean Air Ducts

Sadly, if you have not had your ducts cleaned, you have an array of allergens hiding out in the ducts. Clean air ducts can help with all the effects your allergies have because of those lurking allergens. 

If you are ready to rid your ductwork of the allergens, we can help. Contact us today about ductwork cleaning, including dryer vent cleaning too. We can help get your house cleaner and less full of pesky allergens.

Wow! Amazing work done at a reasonable price. The gentleman who performed the service was very very thorough and took the time to get every nook and cranny clean. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Brett Osborne

Review Stars

highly recommend Clean Sweep. Very professional and knowledgeable.
they were on time, did the job thoroughly, made sure they left everything as suppose to be and clean.
I could not believe What a difference it make to get your air ducts cleaned.
I have noticed My house is cooler and cleaner, less dust!

Nadiene Raia

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Friendly, quick response, and efficient workers! They had the most comparable prices and did an excellent job. They were thorough with their work, paid attention to detail, and protected all surrounding surfaces from residual dust and dirt. Would highly recommend!

H. Brigham

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