How Does a Dryer Vent Work

How Does a Dryer Vent Work?


What is a dryer vent, and how does it operate? Like any wise appliance owner, you should have a basic understanding of the mechanisms involved with this. That’s what we’d like to cover today with this quick explanation of dryer vents along with a reminder to have them cleaned every so often. We’re always here to help answer your frequently asked questions!

What is a Dryer Vent?

The dryer vent safely takes lint, hot air, and moisture from the dryer and expels it outside of your home. Most municipal building codes require one for safety reasons. If you don’t have a vent to process the hot air, then you would be at risk for inhaling dangerous gasses (carbon monoxide) and a greater chance for fires.

What Does the Dryer Vent Do?

The entire purpose of it is to have some place to go with all that hot air, moisture, and lint. Otherwise, you would have a large pile of lint, nowhere to go with it, which would eventually clog the dryer’s airflow, disrupting the machine.

Two Dryer Vent Types

There are two types of dryer vents: outdoor and indoor.

  • Outdoor Dryer Vents – This is the traditional method, required for all gas dryers. The vent is the aluminum duct tubing that runs between the wall vent and connects to the dryer. It has the task of processing hot air, debris, and lint out of the dryer.
  • Indoor Dryer Vents – If (and only if) you have an electric dryer, you can ventilate it through the inside of a building. This doesn’t work with gas dryers since it would allow for the circulation of carbon monoxide. However, for certain homes (like large condominiums) lacking access to an outdoor outlet, indoor vents can connect to hoses and disperse hot air gradually back into the laundry room. This format usually requires the vent to go through the wall first, and features various filters that trap lint.

Importance of Cleaning Vents

All dryer vents require cleaning periodically. This is true of the lint collector on top of your dryer, but lint also accrues throughout the vent, and can cause blockage if left there too long. Whenever users don’t clean them , it creates a safety hazard and forces the dryer to pump hot air harder (causing higher utility bills, too).

That’s why we offer dryer vent cleaning to clients in several communities throughout western Florida. This service is available for single-home families or apartment complexes and other facilities relying on several dryers.

You’re always welcome to call the pros and Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning to take care of all the cleaning aspects. It’s the surest way to keep your drying running well for a long time, avoid fire hazards from clogged vents, and even save money on energy costs with better airflow. Contact us today to schedule cleaning service by calling 941-371-3862.

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