How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?


So, how often should you clean your air ducts for your home or business? We want to look at the factors that contribute to clogged or dirty air ducts to help you understand the recommended cleaning frequency. Of course, this cleaning service is the primary purpose of the Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning business, which means we’re always happy to lend a helping hand with it.

Air duct cleaning frequency has a lot to do with the size of your home or business, as well as how heavily you use the HVAC system. Larger facilities require at least annual cleaning, but in humid climates like Florida, almost any building would benefit from that because of the potential for mold and bacterial growth.

There’s actually an organization called the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), and they suggest cleaning your air ducts often for several reasons.

  • You have one or more hairy/furry pets.
  • Someone living in your home suffers from asthma or other breathing conditions.
  • Your home has recently experienced fire or water damage. During the accident or restoration process, airborne pollutants may have accumulated in your air ducts.
  • You renovated your home, especially new flooring, anything to do with the walls, or other large projects.
  • If someone in your home smokes frequently, that’s yet another substance that proliferates in your ventilation system.

There are plenty of noticeable signs that will alert you to the need for air duct cleaning. These include foul odors, poor AC efficiency, or you believe foreign material is blocking proper airflow.

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If you want to prevent health problems and ensure satisfactory ventilation, then you should consider air duct cleaning at least every two years, preferably annually. We use a substance known as Benefect Disinfectant to not only remove visible debris but to sanitize and remove all microbial overgrowth from the air ducts. This is one of many ways we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our thorough workmanship.

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning serves many satisfied clients in Sarasota, Pinellas, Bradenton, and Tampa with the most thorough duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. You don’t have to frustrate yourself doing it alone when our trained crews can take care of it for a reasonable rate. Contact us any time to request a quote for outstanding air duct cleaning.

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