Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh by Maintaining Your Vents

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh by Maintaining Your Vents


What is that musky or awful smell coming from your vents?

It’s a common problem because, frankly, anything can enter your ventilation components, get stuck, die, and produce an odor. It could rodents, pests, insects, mold, mildew, and an array of other nasty things. This is no joke either since foul smells can make you sick or give you a splitting headache.

How do you deal with those odors emanating from your vents?

Best Way to Remove Vent Odors

So, if the odor culprit involves clogged air ducts (typical in Florida properties), then you’ll want to focus on cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing. With those three components, you’re sure to find and eliminate the source of the trouble, and remove every bit of mold/bacteria, thus preventing recurrence.

This is not the easiest “DIY” task because ventilation systems can be complex and hard to reach. Our professional crews, however, have plenty of equipment to maneuver in and out of every crack and crevice of your vents. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or beach condo, or need help with cleaning a commercial property. We’ve seen it all, and use high-suction equipment to make sure we miss nothing stuck inside.

Common Signs That It’s Time for Cleaning & Deodorizing

  • Smells in Multiple Rooms – Sure, if there’s a moldy smell isolated to a bathroom or dark corner, then that’s a more localized problem. Then again, if you notice the odor all over your home, there’s a good chance the vents are filthy.
  • HVAC Use Triggers the Smell – Since the HVAC components are all connected, it makes sense that turning on the AC or heater would worsen the problem. Therefore, call us for cleaning when you notice this issue.
  • It’s Not the Carpets or Something Else – It’s always wise to do some “process of elimination” when you have odors on your property. Sometimes you can resolve the trouble by cleaning or replacing carpets, trashcans, and sink/shower drains. Once you’ve eliminated those possibilities, check your vents.

Best Solution? Call a Pro for Air Duct Cleaning!

No matter how persistent the foul smells have gotten, there is always a solution when you work with us. We don’t stop at merely dislodging the clogs. Our teams will perform a comprehensive air duct cleaning, designed to eliminate the spread of mold and other organisms you never want in your ventilation.

If you own a home or business in Tampa, Sarasota, Pinellas, or Bradenton, and need to resolve horrible vent odors, then hire Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning. Now’s the perfect time to do so before inviting relatives over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Contact us for affordable vent cleaning anytime by calling 941-371-3862.

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