Air Duct Cleaning Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Air Ducts


You probably have a few new year’s resolutions now that 2022 is in the rear-view mirror and 2023 has officially arrived. You might have a few items at the top of your list, such as diet, exercise, and finally, writing that manuscript that you’ve got saved on your desktop computer. All admirable goals to strive for. However, a healthy home is a happy home, and the four letters that are integral to this are HVAC. There’s a fair amount of allergens and other contaminants that are probably sitting in your air ducts as you read this but don’t worry. We’ve gathered up some new year’s resolutions for them to safeguard your home and family. 

Avoid Allergies and Illnesses 

While you might not think about it too often, maintaining the integrity of your air ducts has a direct correlation with the health of your family and pets. Air ducts that are left unclean and unchecked are breeding grounds for allergens and dust mites. These can have an adverse effect on the air you breathe and can agitate pre-existing allergies. If you have mold growing, this can lead to a potential health hazard if not removed. 

Increase HVAC Efficiency 

The holiday season usually includes some guests—some invited, some uninvited. Both can track dirt, dust, and allergens from the outside into your home. Having your ducts serviced and cleaned can ensure that your heater and air conditioner work at maximum efficiency. It’s the perfect time of year to do this, as the warmer weather usually means an increased likelihood of pest infestations. It’s also a good idea to get your carpets cleaned as well, as they attract pollen and other dust particles, which can have a negative impact on your HVAC system. 

Pay a Little Bit Now or a Lot Later 

While you can schedule an HVAC inspection and cleaning all year round, it’s better to get it taken of sooner rather than later. Unchecked ducts can lead to larger problems that require more invasive procedures that can be quite costly. In some cases, you might need to vacate your house for a short period of time while hazards such as bacteria and mold are removed and your home returns to normal. 

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning 

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