Ozone Shock Treatment​

Whether it is in your home or at your business, a bad and unwanted odor can have serious negative effects on those who visit you. The most common unwanted odors which pervade the air of homes and businesses stem from cigarettes, food (spoiled or burned), pet, and mold. These odors can develop and harbor almost anywhere, and it is very difficult to completely remove them. If you have ever tried to clean up after your pet has had an accident on the carpet or tried to get the smoky smell (from cigarettes) out of the drapes after a family visit, you know how difficult that task can be. 

Many companies will sell you simple air fresheners that mask the odors but do nothing to actually remove the smells. Once the air freshener has dissipated, the odor returns just as strong as it was before. It could possibly be even worse because of the residual chemical smell left behind by the air freshener. What you truly need to rid your home or business of an unwanted smell is a proper cleaning using ozone shock treatment. 

At Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning, we understand the benefits of breathing clean, fresh air, and we are dedicated to helping your Florida home or business to have good air quality all year round through our expert air duct cleaning and ozone shock treatment. Our results speak for themselves when compared to other types of air fresheners that simply mask odors and don’t eliminate the smells.

Ozone Shock Treatment Process

Unwanted odors have the unfortunate ability to stick to surfaces all throughout homes and businesses and are very difficult to remove. Without harsh chemicals or masking deodorizers, most people have no idea how to get these unwanted odors out of their lives. And even the deodorizers fade away forcing you to respray or reapply which simply furthers the problem. Once again the odor will return and you will be stuck buying more ineffective deodorizers. At Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning, we have the tools and equipment to effectively rid your Florida home or business of these odors through ozone shock treatment.

If you have never heard of ozone shock treatment, the process essentially tries to mimic what nature does outside on a regular basis. Nature eliminates odors and microorganisms using UV light and O3 (ozone). O3 is created as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms as well as when the sunlight strikes the earth’s atmosphere. If you’ve ever gone outside following a storm and noticed that the air smells fresher, that is O3 at work after O2 (normal oxygen) has been converted temporarily into O3. After about a half-hour, it turns back to O2 if the O3 is unused. 

Places indoors, notably the areas that absorb odors the most, generally are not exposed to UV light or O3, so there is no natural way to eliminate these odors. The task, then, becomes to recreate nature’s cleaning power in an artificial setting so that unwanted odors are erased. At Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning, we use an odor-free purifier to create O3 in a special process that utilizes an electrical current. The ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors, microorganisms, and other pollutants at their source. We are able to create a fresh environment similar to the natural outdoor freshness in your home by harnessing the power of ozone. Our ozone treatment experts will be able to rejuvenate your living or workspace so that the odors you are dealing with now will be a concern of the past.

Kill Mold and Remove Odors with Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning

No one wants to have mold or bad odors in their homes or offices, so it is important that you employ a tactic that is stronger than a simple deodorizer. Air fresheners simply mask an odor for a short time without actually taking care of the problem at its source. It also does nothing to kill mold and stop it from growing. Ozone molecules are able to attack pollutants that are present in mold and odors, oxidize them, and eliminate them. There is no masking of the odor. It is gone once the ozone shock treatment is employed. 

Our ozone treatment experts at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning understand the importance of keeping your home or office free of mold and smelling clean. We strive to make sure that your building’s bad odors are not just hidden under another layer of smell for a short time before returning. From the carpet to the furniture, the basement to the bedroom, the restroom to the classroom, or the lobby to the dining room, we can handle odors and mold in any location of your Florida home or business.

Contact Our Ozone Shock Treatment Experts Today!

If you have a bad odor in your home or office that you simply can’t eliminate, it may be time to call in the professionals at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning. We have the tools and technology to help you remove unwanted odors from your work or living spaces and keep them gone. If you have company over for the holidays or when clients come to your office, it is important that they are welcomed by a pleasant scent throughout the building. Our ozone treatment eliminates the bad odors and stops mold in its tracks. 

As a family-owned and operated business, we know how critical it is to keep your family and customers healthy and breathing good quality air. Our ozone shock treatment will help you keep everyone happy in your work or living spaces, and you can rest assured knowing that the odors have been eliminated, not masked. 

Contact us today to learn more about our ozone shock treatment as well as our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. We also offer free estimates for your Florida home or office. For dependable, fast, and efficient service from a company who is proud to have been serving Florida residents and businesses since 2011, call Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning today!

Wow! Amazing work done at a reasonable price. The gentleman who performed the service was very very thorough and took the time to get every nook and cranny clean. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Brett Osborne

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highly recommend Clean Sweep. Very professional and knowledgeable.
they were on time, did the job thoroughly, made sure they left everything as suppose to be and clean.
I could not believe What a difference it make to get your air ducts cleaned.
I have noticed My house is cooler and cleaner, less dust!

Nadiene Raia

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Friendly, quick response, and efficient workers! They had the most comparable prices and did an excellent job. They were thorough with their work, paid attention to detail, and protected all surrounding surfaces from residual dust and dirt. Would highly recommend!

H. Brigham

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