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Most people know enough to clean the clothes dryer’s lint filter after each use, but it’s also important to keep your dryer’s vent system cleaned. When lint has built up in the dryer over time, it causes the dryer to overheat. As lint is highly combustible, the dryer can easily catch on fire. Protect your home and family by knowing when you need to clean the lint buildup in the dryer vent hose. If your dryer shows any of the following signs, it may be time for a dryer vent cleaning in Sarasota from Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning.

Drying Clothes Takes Longer
If the clothes are not dry by the end of a normal cycle, your dryer vent may not be able to push out hot, moist air and pull in more dry air to continue the drying process. If the dryer vent is clogged with lint, moist air stays in the dryer, making it hard for your clothes to dry completely.

Dryer Gives Off a Burning Smell
Lint is flammable and may be hot enough to give off a burning odor. If you smell something burning in your dryer, contact the professionals at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning for an inspection as soon as possible.

The Dryer Is Hot to the Touch
If the dryer vent does not exhaust air properly, the dryer feels hot to the touch at the end of a normal cycle.

Lint Is Coming Out of the External Vent Opening
Your dryer line exits into an opening to the outside. When there is lint around the opening, it may be a sign that the vent system needs cleaning.