Allergies and Air Ducts

The Connection Between Allergies and Clean Air Ducts


We might be in the middle of winter, but the transition from this time of year to spring can only mean one thing—allergies. However, if you’ve never had a problem with allergies before and they suddenly start occurring when you are in your home, there might be another issue at hand. If you have your heater or air conditioner on and you notice symptoms that are similar to allergies, it might not be you but an existing problem with your HVAC system. Most notably, your air ducts.

The Link Between Allergies and Air Ducts 

Here’s something to think about for a moment. When you blow the dust off of an object, your first reaction, if it comes in contact with you, is to sneeze. Now, multiply that experience by ten. The HVAC system in your home is constantly circulating air through its ducts and around your home. If the ducts have lingering particles of dust and other allergens, it’s more than likely going to cause an allergic reaction in the people who live in your home. 

Know What’s in Your Ducts 

Your HVAC system is a gathering point for several items that can elicit an allergic reaction. We’ve taken the time to list some of them here to give you an idea of why having your air ducts cleaned is so important.

Dust Mites 

While the quest for eliminating dust in our homes is a never-ending struggle, your HVAC system is a magnet for these particles. Even if someone doesn’t suffer from allergies, dust can be very irritating to the senses. 


Because there’s a possibility you’ll be outside of your house at least once a day; there’s a good chance that you’ll track in pollen. It also enters the home through windows and doors and is next to impossible to prevent. 

Bacteria & Mold 

If you have HVAC in a section of your home that accumulates moisture, there’s a very good chance that mold or mildew will gather. Both can cause significant health problems and exude a foul odor. If you start noticing fatigue, a bad smell, or experience trouble breathing, it’s time to get your HVAC ducts inspected and cleaned. 

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning 

Having a working HVAC system in your home makes enduring the seasons easier. But the one thing you don’t want to do is inhale dirty or contaminated air. Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning can help. For more information on us, check us out online or give us a call at 727-543-3434.

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