The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning


Dryer vent cleaning is one of our top competencies along with air duct cleaning, and both are crucial for homeowners. You probably already know about cleaning the lint catcher on your dryer, but it’s easy to forget about the larger dryer vent since it sits inconspicuously out of sight. That doesn’t make it any less relevant, though.

Why is dryer vent cleaning important?

Loss of Energy with Clogged Vents

You never achieve optimal energy efficiency with a filthy vent. Even your vehicle has a couple of air filters, and when they become filthy, your gas mileage declines.

The same holds true for HVAC vents and dryer vents. Once all that lint and debris create a blockage, your energy efficiency will suffer.

Also, clogged dryer vents are much like clogged washing machine drains: they make the dryer work less effectively. Therefore, if you want to get your clothes dry without having to run the machine forever, you should have someone clean it for you.

Fire Hazards from Clogged Vents

Clogged vents are a very serious safety hazard as well. It’s not just a remote possibility either. Even with modern electrical equipment, there are still almost 3,000 dryer fires each year in America.

What accounts for those fires? Well, much of pertains to the electrical output, but there are other areas of your home that create significant energy spikes, yet don’t result in fires. That’s because when the dryer vent totally clogs, the complete dearth of exhaust turns it into a furnace.

Don’t risk suffering thousands of dollars in damages, serious injuries, or loss of life when you can get a quick cleaning for a small fee.

How Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning Eliminates These Problems

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning offers a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning that covers everything from the dryer lint trap out to the final exhaust exit from your home. With the help of specialized cleaning equipment, we eliminate every obstruction and restore your dryer’s energy efficiency once again.

If you’d rather avoid performance issues and safety hazards, and even lower your power bill, then schedule an appointment with Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning service. Our dryer cleaning handiwork is available to homeowners and business owners in Sarasota, Bradenton, Pinellas, and Tampa. Call us to find out more about service rates at 941-371-3862.

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