These Are 5 Signs That Your Air Duct Might Need Cleaning

air duct cleaning

Clean air ducts are crucial to maintaining healthy indoor air quality in your home. If you’ve never had an air duct cleaning or you’re not sure if you need one, there are several signs to be aware of that may indicate it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

Read on for a list of five signs to look out for that signal your air ducts should be cleaned so you can breathe easy.

1. You Notice Heavy Layers of Dust

A light layer of dust on the surfaces in your home is normal, but thick, heavy dust could indicate the presence of dirty air ducts. All air ducts may have a buildup of things like pet dander, dirt, and dust that propel into the air whenever you turn your HVAC system on.

If your vent cover or the return vents around your home look dirty or dusty, you may need an air duct cleaning. Pay attention to vent covers and filters, and look for thick dust that has started to cake onto the surface. If the dust is inside your air ducts, it can affect your home’s indoor air quality

2. Do You See Mold? If So, You Need Air Duct Cleaning

The presence of mold can lead to all sorts of health issues including exacerbating allergies and asthma. As condensation develops in your HVAC system, it can encourage mold to grow and thrive.

Not all mold is easily visible to the naked eye, so lookout for a musty odor that may indicate the presence of mold. You’ll need an air duct cleaning right away if mold is anywhere inside the home. Make sure you take steps to prevent excess moisture since it will only encourage the mold to return.

3. Pesky Pests

Pests like rodents and insects may get into your air ducts and leave harmful bacteria behind. When pests get inside your air ducts, they may decide to make a nest and leave behind harmful droppings that can create health-threatening spores.

If you notice an increase in pest issues, it could be because they’re hanging out inside your air ducts. Schedule an air duct cleaning to remove anything pests have left behind and to see if there’s anything currently living there. If you have any indication of pests in your home, you should also consider other pest removal solutions, too.

4. An Increasing Energy Bill

Most of the time, you can expect your heating and cooling costs to be the same every year. However, if you get an unusually high bill, it could be because your air ducts are clogged or dirty.

If air can’t flow through your HVAC system, it can cause the components to work harder to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level. The result will be an unusually high bill, so check your air ducts to see if it could be the cause of your skyrocketing energy bills.

5. You Have a New or Recently Renovated Home

Construction can create a mess that includes dust and debris that gets into the air. Unless your HVAC ducts are covered and the system isn’t running, this debris can easily get into the air ducts and cause indoor air quality issues.

If you have a brand-new home, consider an air duct cleaning just to be safe. A recent remodel is also a good time to have the ductwork cleaned to remove dust and debris for a healthier home.

Say Hello to Clean Air

Whether it’s dust and mold or pests, an air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality. Consider scheduling this service if you’re concerned that your air ducts may be dirty or clogged.

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Wow! Amazing work done at a reasonable price. The gentleman who performed the service was very very thorough and took the time to get every nook and cranny clean. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Brett Osborne

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highly recommend Clean Sweep. Very professional and knowledgeable.
they were on time, did the job thoroughly, made sure they left everything as suppose to be and clean.
I could not believe What a difference it make to get your air ducts cleaned.
I have noticed My house is cooler and cleaner, less dust!

Nadiene Raia

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Friendly, quick response, and efficient workers! They had the most comparable prices and did an excellent job. They were thorough with their work, paid attention to detail, and protected all surrounding surfaces from residual dust and dirt. Would highly recommend!

H. Brigham

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