Ways You Can Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Ways You Can Reduce Indoor Air Pollution


How would you like to knock down some of the unhealthy air pollution in your Florida home?

This is a terrific objective, one that we can help you achieve through our reliable duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. This article will focus on a few best practices that will make a noticeable difference on your indoor air quality.

Open Windows Sometimes

Did you know that indoor air might contain five times as many pollutants as outside air? That alone shows why you have to take this issue seriously. One simple strategy is to increase the ventilation inside your dwelling by cracking a window once in a while. 

Regulate Your Humidity Level with a Dehumidifier

Of course, you may have to temper the window strategy with a dehumidifier, given how much humidity we receive when it’s warm in Florida. Try to target a humidity range of about 30% to 50%.

Minimize Some of the Common Pollutants

We all know that certain behaviors can contribute to poor air quality. This includes cigarette/cigar smoking, but we must also pay attention to other things such as dust accumulation and pet fur/dander getting everywhere. Don’t forget to monitor signs of microbial overgrowth (mold or mildew) in places like the shower.

Cut Back on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are the vapor chemicals that come from certain cleaning chemicals, paints, and other synthetic substances. If you can’t substitute these with something less toxic, at least use them only with proper ventilation.

Find Out What’s In Your Air Ducts

It never hurts to audit your HVAC components and air ducts. If you can see what’s accumulating there, you’ll be able to assess whether you have a problem. You can use a flash camera to peer into your air ducts and look for pest droppings, debris, and so forth.

Contact Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning for Thorough Cleaning & Sanitation

If you’d rather not poke around your vents, we can do it for you. One of the easiest ways to conquer the indoor air pollution problem is to have us clean and sanitize your air ducts and vents at least once (preferably twice) a year. We offer this service for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. This is an undeniably valuable service for any home or business with lots of foot traffic.

These are the best practical items for improving the air quality throughout your home. It’s a big deal in subtropical areas where it doesn’t take much to struggle with mold overgrowth, allergies, etc.

Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning can help you get a grip on the debris, dust, and other foreign material clogging your air ducts and dryer vents. This is a service we offer to the fine folks in Sarasota, Pinellas, Tampa, Bradenton, and surrounding areas. Contact us anytime to learn more about clean air and all our services.

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