When Should You Choose Air Duct Sanitizing and Deodorizing


Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning can help with both sanitizing and deodorizing your air ducts. Both are critical tasks if you want to avoid inhaling harmful pollutants that accumulate. Which of these do you need and how often should you get them? We’ll happily explain and offer our services if you live near Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton, or Pinellas.

Air Duct Sanitizing

Both sanitizing and deodorizing are follow-up procedures to a basic air duct cleaning service. Once we’ve removed all the big stuff (dust, dirt, solid waste, etc.), we would move on to sanitizing and then deodorizing if necessary.

What is sanitizing and why bother with it? Sanitizing involves treatment solutions to reduce or eliminate harmful biological organisms such as mold, germs, bacteria, microbes, fungi, and even viruses. We use a fogging method to spray and clear out all these unwanted problems.

Do you need this every time? No, you may not need it as often if you clean your air ducts regularly. We do this task more often when there hasn’t been consistent maintenance or if we find lots of mold or a water leak somewhere.

This is a terrific solution for homeowners and business owners who want to purify their air, make things safer for children, elderly, and pets, or want to avoid mold/fungi problems.

Air Duct Deodorizing

Sometimes the sanitation process isn’t quite enough to eliminate funky odors, so we also have deodorizing services to further address the problem. Just like with sanitizing, we fog the vents with a safe deodorizer spray and leave it to dry for a while. This service is available for all building types, but there are heavy-duty chemicals available for industrial sites.

When should you have this done? If you rely too heavily on air fresheners and cannot get a grip on unpleasant odors, then that’s a sign you may want to deodorize your vents.

Are there any other preventative measures to avoid awful smells? Yes, we recommend getting regular duct cleaning, regular HVAC inspections, changing furnace/duct filters as needed, and consider using high UV lights to burn away unwanted microbial organisms. Other than that, we’re happy to assist you with remedying dirty, moldy, or foul-smelling air ducts.

So, if sanitizing and/or deodorizing sounds important to you, then we hope you’ll use our services at Clean Sweep Duct Cleaning. Don’t forget that we do this for both residential and commercial purposes. It doesn’t matter what the building is. If it has an HVAC system, you’ll need sanitizing and deodorizing. Contact us any time to request a quote for our outstanding and reliable service.

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